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Comprende for tenants.

Turning traditional property management on its head.

Gone are the days of grumpy and unfair property managers. Our experience tells us that landlords and tenants want similar outcomes, and everyone wants life to be stressfree - we are here to facilitate that relationship. 

If you enjoy a good lifestyle, are proactive & cooperative, and like to work with a team that delivers the same respect - you've found the right property management team.

Our properties are owned by investors who value good tenant communication, they understand maintenence is an important part of sustaining a good investment - they employ us to facilitate this relationship and we become your first port of call.

If you are looking for a property to rent in the near future, register your interest below and we will keep you posted on properties that are coming available. 

How we do it.

Powered by Technology

Our client portal enables investors to see up to the minute financial and inspection activity.
Our property managers are efficient with passing on information by documenting and uploading inspections via their i-pads. This means maintenance is managed closely to ensure your needs are met. 


We know proof of accountability lies in the results,  you can be confident we will deliver.
To ensure we walk the talk we've built a foundation of accountability by creating clear team roles, leadership and individual ownership  - it's just how we do business.


We've created our services around proactivity because we have the experience to know when a molehill can turn into a mountain. Prioritising tenant relationships & keeping in touch can save a lot of time and money in the long run - sometimes it's the simplest measures that provide the best results 

What our clients say

"As a tenant I have had the great pleasure of working with Anita for the last 2 years. Anita has always been accessible and responded to any property issue with care for our family and provided us with qualified, prompt service."

Kathleen Koffman - Wellington.

Modern lifestyles 

We recognise the changing face of a modern lifestyle where renting is a choice for many people who don’t want the hassles of homeownership - coupled with many modern professions  and ways of working that require and enable travel, people are a lot more transient, moving cities & countries regularly. 

Part of our promise of understanding property, investors and tenants is understanding the way people live in our modern society  - whether your rental needs are short or long term, executive or family, we cater for modern living and lifestyle. Register your interest or call us to view one of our existing properties. 

Find what you are looking for? 

We are continuing to build on our portfolio of rental properties. 
If you would like help to find your perfect home please register your needs by hitting the button below and completing the form, and we will keep you informed.